POS Displays

How do you impact your audience at the point of sale? Are your activations enough to catch the eye and surprise those who pass by your booth, kiosk, store, island, or showroom? Are customers interested in your product or service? At Triart, we seek to understand the needs and desires of each customer to develop the ideal display to surprise anyone passing by your POS with tailored solutions that fit your budget.

There are numerous options for floor, wall, counter, and multimedia displays. We try to understand your demand and offer all our know-how to make the most suitable model for your business, with the advantage of having a full-scale assembly and a complete production line. After all, we want you to prosper in business with the ideal POS Display for your point of sale.



Whether your need is for a display or high volume: we can meet different customer needs.

Own structure

We have two own warehouses, with high production capacity for more urgent deliveries.

Competitive costs

Due to our already established structure, our commercial policy is very flexible. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us about your demand.

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