System Booth

If you want agility and practicality at more affordable costs, you need to know what is best in a modular system: the French standard Sodem, an exclusive Triart solution in the Brazilian market. Assembled with a modular structure and aluminum profiles, it has specific sizes, formats, and finishes standards, giving the booth a clean, refined, and elegant look.

What sets apart this type of assembly by Triart is the international Sodem system, superior to the well-known modular system Octanorm, resulting in a unique look due to its structure and finishes. And we count on a team of highly qualified specialists to guide you in the best layouts for displaying your products considering the modules measures and formats, optimizing the available space as much as possible.

Contrary to what many people think, a booth in a modular system should not be bland and lack brand identity. On the contrary, additional items such as fronts with visual communication, spotlighting, wall adhesives, shelves, glass finishes, or scenography can be included in the project allowing even more exclusivity and personality to the design.



As it has a standard design divided into modules, its price is lower than the combined mixed system or bespoke booth models.


Designed in France, Sodem modular system guarantees more beauty and quality to the booth when compared to conventional materials on the market.


Modular technology, with pre-established measures and formats, allows for more agility in the assembly and disassembly of your booth.

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