Combined Mixed System Booths

Trade shows and events are great opportunities to connect with customers and partners, so your brand must show its best in an attractive booth. This can be tricky if you’re working on a limited budget.

However, you don’t have to choose between a well-designed booth or your company’s financial health. With the combined mixed system booths, you can combine the cost-effective advantage of a basic version with the quality of a custom booth. This happens because, in the combined mixed system booth model, you have a bespoke project, suited to your brand visual identity singularities, distributed in modular aluminum and glass structures, with additional wood and showcases, ensuring a modern design and look.

At Triart, we can meet your needs, with the benefit of having our own team and material, which offers an advantage in terms of cost and time.

Triart’s history starts with the assembly of booths, specializing in this activity. Then, it expanded its operations to create complete events with ample structural, scenographic, and logistical capacity to meet the different demands of several exhibitors simultaneously.

Advanced technology added to well-developed internal processes ensure differentiated delivery and high customer satisfaction. Whether it is an occasional booth for a trade fair or an entire event with hundreds of exhibitors, we have the ideal solution for your business.



Practically, every structure used in this type of project can be reused in future booths, making the initiative more efficient in terms of costs and impacts.


We have a stock full of different options of materials, finishes, and adhesives to make your project look like your brand.


Our management works from project design to assembly, ensuring on-time delivery and the quality of your booth.

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